This Sunday at TLC

This Sunday, we’re doing different. It shouldn’t be different for followers of Christ, but it has become “different.” Over the years Christianity in our world has become a consumer event. We come for a time of connecting with others, socializing with our extended family, possibly serving in programs, but most of all…consuming the show. The role of the evangelist has largely been relegated to that special missionary or fiery evangelist that takes up an offering after he or she shares radical stories from “doing the stuff.”

We are left feeling like we’ve “missed out” on something greater. Something that if we would try…would change our life. WE HAVE…AND WE NEED IT BACK! Evangelism is for everyone yet most Christians fear that they will be mocked, rejected, or chased back into their churches. That’s not what I read in the New Testament. I read of a church that was empowered with boldness to proclaim the good news to lost humanity. Sharing the gospel seemed to fuel the church into a revival.

This Sunday, we’re going to “do the stuff.” We’re sending out the troops. We’re not going to “hope” people will do it after we dismiss – we’re sending them out in the middle of the service. Gulp.


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  1. I still love your church and followers in Christ,s teachings! I,m getting a ride to St. Joseph Church Sat eve with a High school friend. But My eldest son is giving me a car by the end of June. At that time I will be reconnecting with my other church, you and the Lord, at 10:00 A.M. every Sunday. I miss you Pastor Tim and John. God bless you all. Still doing my daily bible and prayer lists. Please pray for me, I just found out I have Macular degeneration, (wet) Cataracts, near and far sighted. I did apply to Indy per their request at the Lions club for a ? Retina dbl transplant. Its in the Lords hands. I,m fine with that. I also want to volunteer when I get the car. God bless you all.Love to Brenda and Corina. And Hello to the bus driver and his son.You are great people. God Bless. Sincerely, Bettie Anne Long

  2. Looking forward to “doing” church today. Anticipating a mighty move of God as we step out in obedience.

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