Jesus said:  “I must go through Samaria.”  We could look at a map and say that Jesus had to travel through Samaria to get to His destination.  That would make sense, maybe.  However, why didn’t he mention any of the other towns he was passing through if that was his point?  In my opinion, it wasn’t His point.  

In fact, not only did they pass by or through Samaria but it became a short dwelling point during their trip.  Jesus had an agenda.  He had an assignment with a very important person.  Funny if you think about it.  I’m calling an outcast of society “very important.”  

It’s funny how an encounter with Jesus can elevate and transform us.  This lady came at noon when the “well traffic” was light or vacant.  She was tired of the gazes and sarcastic stares from men and women alike.  Yes, she was guilty of a sinners life.  Yes, she was from the despised nation of Samaria.  However, she was still holding out hope.  She was still thirsty.  Her thirst is like our thirst.  What we really are thirsty for is not more rules and regulations.  We are tired of the monotony of dried up religion.  We are parched for a lack of true life and worship.  What we really crave is a fresh drink from the eternal well.

Join us this Sunday as we continue to dig into this account and make it our very own.  Aren’t you thirsty…really thirsty?

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