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Crystal Wright

This prayer request is for a dear family friend, Kenny. He fell off a roof yesterday at work. His heart has been bad for years and the doctor's think he had a heart attack or a sudden slowing of his heart which caused him to fall. He has many injuries including broken ribs, shattered pelvis, torn liver, and broken back bones, but the main concern is his heart. Doctors have spent hours in the trauma unit keeping him stable. His chances of survival are slim, but every so often he shows improvement at times. He could completely become stabilized at any moment, but as mentioned, chances are slim. Please keep Kenny and his wife in prayer. We serve a God who has no limitations, even in our darkest hour. In Jesus name!

Received: August 25, 2017

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You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!

Food Pantry 8/24

Jay - pray for healing Kyle Shaeffer- he moved to Virginia to get away from bad influences. Pray for guidance Patricia Longford - is in lots of pain in his back and neck. Pray for healing Robert Lewis - lot of pain, pray for healing Jim Silotto- had a stroke, hasn't come out of it yet Carolyn Ingram- recovering from surgery Rhonda Stevans - in jail, getting out August 25th Casey - grow closer to the Lord Larry- prayer in general. Has a doc appointment for a dust on his hand coming up Ally- her dad is very sick (Bob), brother needs prayer (he started college), and uncle is in Jail Angela - touch her marriage and husband Kathy- for her and her son Gary Lewis Wallace- for him and his family Frank- pray for dad Clarence

Received: August 25, 2017

Food Pantry 8/10

Maria- health Robert- Kidney not doing well Fannie- strength to help Robert and pray for her grandson who is 4 years old (his mother is about to become homeless) Jamie- finances Jim and KAthy- had a stroke Larry - praise report- had a stroke, but it caused no damage! Also been prayin gfor grandson who was hanging out with the wrong crowd and now he is not; going down the right path. Praise God! Clayton- needs to find a job Steven- health Jim- leg Bruce- health Charlotte - financial Julie- health Shari - health and car trouble Elizabeth- car repair Robert - leg Patricia- leg and back Jerry Stephens - health Kenny - health Devin - health Emil - health Lora- more strength Dean- family Evan- having surgery on foot Terri - surgery on toes Michael - unspoken Florence- health Patrick - knees and arm Sue- kids and grandkids La Tanzia - health with breath problems Gary- hand hurt at work Angel - keep family safe Tom- family health MArilyn- health Joann- health Steve- job and housing Savannah- pray that she gets everything done with her house

Received: August 15, 2017

Food Pantry 7/26

Maria- unspoken Vivian- safety Melinda Wally- had surgery on foot Robert Lewis- healing for legs Patty L- had surgery on esophagus Justin- guidance Mark- strength Tammy Fields - unspoen Emily- Parkinsons Elizabeth and Kevin- Need a vehicle Marrie- foot pain Jerry Stevens- health Patrick- pray for his family Christine Lawrence- pray for son, Seth Shawn- needs to find work Beverly- Heart Joann Smith - health and lost her house Danny Clark- health Jary Barker- Heart transplant Julie- spider bite Tamala Norris- Stress center Maryln- eyes Richard- emotional problems

Received: August 4, 2017

Food Pantry 7/13

Jerry- health & the price of his insulin is too high Kyle Shaffer- hanging with the wrong crowd Regina and Chuck- no electricity or food Jennifer- prayers for a healthy baby and deliver, she is due in November Kyle - needs to find a job Leandra Harper- family and friends Danotta- financial and physical prayers Stephanie - is sick Tara Acuff- family and friends need prayer CIndy- needs son, AJ, to get a job Max Allsup- just found out he has cancer Shane- dad needs prayer to be sober and find a place to stay Chelsea- brother, Charlie, is incarcerated Janice- needs a van Tyraja Brown- family needs prayers Shane Buttain- his family needs prayers, has a family member pass away Fran- prayers for the family because of the death of her brother and also family member's cancer came back Sue- prayers for her grandkids and kids Donna Desue- prayers for family Paul Ware- prayers for global peace Mary and Family- prayers for blessings to the life center; is very thankful for this church Jessica - prayers for her sick grandmother Chris Rose- prayers for himself

Received: July 21, 2017

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  1. Woke up this morning with Rt. eye swollen almost shut. Hurts to touch. Feels bruised. PLEASE let the Van People know I won’t be able to attend Church tomorrow at 10:00A.M. Also pray for my Bone Density results.Dr. is worried about the possibility of a FX hip or spine. Been on RX bone meds for six years. God Bless. Hope to see you all next week. Sincerely, Bettie Anne Long. P.S. Would appreciate the number to call ahead to cancel the van. Thanks again.

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