Passion for Jesus!

Passion for Jesus!  We’ve all experienced it.  We all want it.

Consuming PassionIn fact, without it we feel religious motions squeezing into our relationship with the Lord and others.  This month, we are dedicating ourselves to investigate our current “passion temperature.”

The world that we live in defines passion as lust.  Passion is something you get caught up in by your emotions.

That’s not the kind of passion we desire.  God is looking for passion in terms of motivation and desire to serve Him and His kingdom by choice.

Find out the key areas of passion this month:

  1. Why passion?
  2. How to regain lost passion?
  3. How do I maintain my passion?
  4. Fruitful passion.

Join us during the month of February and stir up the flame of the Holy Spirit in your life as you finish the race well!

Pastor Tim Minks.

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