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  1. Hi, my name is Melody Rutledge (Mel) and the good Lord changed my life completely.. A TOTAL WORK OVER!! Praise Jesus! I’m 36 yrs. old and lived a very sinful life. From all kinds of addictions, a life of all kinds of abuse, depression, hatred, bitterness racism, sexual sins, foul mouth, lying tongue, living in sin with my boyfriend, and much more. But back in Feb. due to a painful break up I felt I needed a life changing move. So with the help of 2 great people Elmer and Vickie I put myself into a faith based homeless shelter. Thinking I would try to work my heartache and \or my addiction problem or even just get a break away from my miserable life, the Lord blessed me with so much more than I could of ever imagined! Glory to God! On my 2nd night at the shelter I was struggling really bad to detox the drugs out of my system and the hunger for drugs became so overwhelming that I couldn’t take it anymore. So I went to seek help from a couple places . Honestly all I was asking for is someone to be stronger than I was and say “NO, Mel you are Not leaving to get drugs”! And be with me for the night until I felt better. But I was turned away due to the reason of “Indiana does not see detoxing off drugs a life or death situation” anymore. So I was taken back to the Conner House and Elmer made me promise I wouldn’t leave there to do drugs. He said just let God work on me.. Well later that night I got worse and I felt I couldn’t take it anymore and I finally screamed out ” JESUS TAKE THESE ADDICTIONS FROM ME OR TAKE MY LIFE!” and WOW let me tell you, in that very moment as soon as I said them words my whole life and everything about me changed! PRASIE JESUS!!!! I have been reborn through Jesus Christ! He took more than my addictions away.. The Lord refilled me with so much love, joy, and happiness. Since I said them words,iam saved, I now have love for everyone in the world no matter their color, I no longer fight,scream and yell with others, I am in church every sunday and watch church daily on tv, I read my Bible and talk to the Lord more than I do anything or anyone daily, I make a point to spread the good news of the Lord to every person I come in contact with. I got married , baptized , no longer lies, cusses, or or do drugs. I surrendered my life, spirit, and soul to God and try my very best to be more like Jesus.. Now the Lord has calling on my life that is so strong I cant even find the words to describe the fire under me He has lite to share my testimony and help bring people closer to God so through Jesus Christ they too can be saved. God blessed me with so much! I ts amazing how much ive changed, how far ive come and how much ive learned in just a very short time. But I give God all the praise and glory because without him I couldn’t and wouldn’t be able to live my life for him. I tried to run my own life and failed. Now I let Him run it and im so blessed!. praise God!

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