Ladies of Life


The LOL Ministry reaches out to all women at TLC so that every woman feels they have a place and a friend. LOL encourages women through prayer and thanksgiving based on Colossians 1:3-13 desiring for God to give women spiritual wisdom and understanding and the knowledge of His will. LOL meets for monthly get-togethers, outings and spiritual retreats.


  1. Miss you All so much. had a car for about three weeks, then my eldest son wanted to take it back and get a better one. Did get to St. Patrick’s once and St. Joseph’s once. Was going to ask him to see if he would take me to TLC last Sunday but he had three abcessed teeth pulled Friday. Would like to start coming back on Sunday Mornings if you have the room on the van . I Respect Pastor Tim and John and Miss Corina and Brenda also. You are a special kind of Christians. Looking forward to my return. God Bless. Bettie Anne Long. 812-814-4494, cell# 812-239-5574. P.S. after I get a car, I would like to know if there are one or two elderly people whose home I could twice monthly?. No money expected. Or I could take the area 7 van. Thanks again, B.A.

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