Life Groups ReLaunch

We had a plan.  It was a prayerful, thoughtful, and well constructed plan.  Camps, vbs, and summer events were going to take a lot of volunteer efforts.  Every Pastor worries about burnout.  So we made a decision.  Let’s take a 6 week summer break: Regroup – Rewire – Relaunch.  In the meantime, let’s take some inventory and see what needs strengthened, pruned, or enhanced.  All of that was done.  Ministries were investigated, prayed about, rewired, and prepared for a strong launch.  Then…life happened.

Have  you ever walked through something in a short amount of time but everything seemed to change by the time you crawled out of the valley?  That’s what happened to our family, church, and community the month of August.  August 10th changed everything.  That’s the date Sheryl started her tornadic adventure from hospital to hospital.  During the month of August we’ve watched our church family transform before our very eyes.  I’ve never seen a church care so deeply, desire to help so passionately, and pray more fervently than the TLC family has through Sheryl’s health challenges.

What am I saying?  You all have become everything we were trying to create an environment for.  We wanted an environment that brought the family together, walking with one another and with their God.  We’ve watched it happen.  We wanted a culture that ccared enough to check on one another when the Pastor wasn’t around.  We’ve watched it happen.  We planned on smaller, prayerful groups that took one another’s burdens to the Lord.  Yep, happened.

So, what now?   What a great moment to take a revival moment and ask the question: “what made us change?”  What made us excited about God during this process?  What made us forget our own habits, hangups, and mountains?  However, maybe the most significant question, might be:  “What would it be like to have a group of people that helped you do life.  It’s pretty simple.  The top two requests I always get as a Pastor: (1) help me read the bible and (2) Would you mentor me.

That’s the point of life groups.  It’s not complicated.  It just works.  We don’t need to grow wider as a church until we learn to grow deeper.  Life Groups – doing life TOGETHER.

Pastor Tim.

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