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Where is the church?

The Life Center is located at 3000 College Avenue, Terre Haute, IN.  We are conveniently located on the East side of the City beside DeVaney Elementary school.

Click here for a map and directions to our facility.


What time do you meet on Sundays?

The Life Center has two unique times we meet on Sundays. Prayer at 9am and our Sunday gathering begins at 10am.


What do you believe?

Click here to learn about what we believe.


What is your service format?

We provide an inviting and friendly atmosphere at TLC. You will always hear a blend of contemporary worship interspersed with melodic hymns. We encourage the congregation to sing and participate in worship. Furthermore, we desire to provide a Christ-centered message that is both practical and relevant to your everyday life. These Bible based messages are often accompanied by creative and dramatic performances.


How do I fit in?

We will provide you with the opportunity and the resources to grow in your faith and understanding of God’s plan for your life. You can become as involved as you choose. Our focus is becoming a church where everyone can fit in even though we are all different.


What do I need to wear?

Come as you are. We are interested in you – not your wardrobe. Many in our congregation wear jeans, some dress up a bit more, but overall we are casual in our dress.


What about my children?

We provide childcare during our services. Our kid’s church, Kids Church in Action, for 1st thru 6th grades, meets immediately after the music.  Be sure to check them in before church begins accross from Guest Central.  Nursery & Preschool Ministry is available for all children, infants thru Kindergarden. Your children are always welcome to join you for worship in the auditorium. Click here for more detailed information about the TLC Children’s Ministry.


If I visit, will I be singled out as a guest?

We will take a moment to say “welcome” to our guests, but nothing will be done that would embarrass you. For example, you will not be asked to stand or to say anything or otherwise be made to feel uncomfortable.


Will I be asked for money?

No. In fact, we have a gift waiting for you at Guest Central.  Please stop by after the service to pick up your gift and meet other members of TLC.  We do not harass our people for money and we would certainly not ask a newcomer to contribute financially to our ministry. Any offerings you may give are completely your decision.

Will I be contacted or placed on a mailing list?

The pastor customarily contacts any first-time guests to thank them for attending; however, any further contact would be up to you. You will be given a connect card; if you choose to fill it out you will notice that there will be a place on the card on which you can note if you would like further contact.  The connect card is our way to pray for you by name.

Why the name “The Life Center”?

We believe that the Holy Spirit inspired us to start a ministry in our city that would be a source of life and encouragement for all.  We strongly feel that church shouldn’t be a place we meet but a community of encouragement.  Over 11 years ago we began a journey to become that type of community.  We don’t believe that we are THE ONLY church, but a piece of God’s body in our city and world.  We believe that our role is to be givers of the same life that Christ gave to us.  That is why we hold dearly to a favorite passage of Scripture from John 6:12

“…gather up the fragments that remain so that none are lost.”

We hope and pray that we are that community for you and your family.  If we can do anything to help encourage you and assist you, just ask anyone, we’re here to serve you.

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