Building to Serve

Last Sunday was exciting! The greatest excitement didn’t happen at the beginning, but the end of our time together. Five souls gave their souls to Christ as both Lord AND Savior! 

Pause for a moment as we celebrate with a dance.

That is what makes everything worth serving. Everyone that serves at the Welcome Center, as a greeter or usher, a volunteer in our children’s and kid’s ministries, our worship teams, and even the speakers are energized with kingdom fruit. This is our focus and this is our passion: bringing the lost to meet Christ!


We introduced to the TLC family our need of raising $16,000 to meet our expanded parking need. We are already off to a fantastic start. Right now, if you pledge by Sunday we have a matching donor that will double your pledge – at any amount! That’s doubling EVERYONE’S offering! If you haven’t had the chance to play a part in our expansion this is your personal invitation to stretch your faith and watch the multiplication of your offering immediately! We are already off to a great start, we hope that this Sunday will seal the deal!


So what’s the big need for more parking? If this is going through your mind, you’re not alone. It doesn’t really affect you and I at all. Well, until we invite someone else. This expansion isn’t for us, it’s for those yet to meet Christ. It’s for the son, daughter, co-worker that you’ve been drawing a circle of prayer around to meet Jesus. It’s for those that will come to see our sons and daughters in our Easter or Christmas plays that can’t find a parking spot. It’s for those that are nervous about church, but will leave in frustration if they can’t find a spot or have to park too far out to lug their 3 children to church as a single mom. Nope, it’s not for us – it’s for the harvest of souls Jesus told us all about. After all, we exist for them. It’s all about them!

My Tithe or My Offering?

Another good question to ponder: “why not just take it out of my tithe?” Our tithe is required (asked) from us as a commandment. It’s the way we are “tested” to see if we will give God the first of all that He gives to us. It’s the first 10 percent of all that comes into our hand. 

This is not a foreign concept to Americans. In fact, we do this almost everyday with our taxes. We pay taxes on almost everything? Why? It’s commanded by our national government. Don’t pay them and see how friendly your local IRS can be. Taxes, however, aren’t used much for development. They aren’t used to build new houses, shopping malls, and rarely used to build communities or community centers. In fact, that’s why people seek out investors. Investors will issue out a loan or “investment” to make progress or expansion happen as long as they see a return on their money. It’s happened for decades. Actually…centuries.

That’s the blessing of the offering. It’s a gift that is on top of my tithe. It’s an investment in the kingdom of God and the expansion of heaven on earth. Don’t worry, like any investor, you should be concerned about a return on your investment. God has that covered as well. Listen to what Jesus says about the generosity of the offering:

Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full—pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over,
and poured into your lap.The amount you give will determine the amount you get back. Luke 6.38 NLT

 Not only is their a promise on the tithe, but an even greater one when we expand and stretch our faith to live a generous life. This Sunday, we do pray that the body of believers at The Life Center will bring their best pledge to support the Kingdom work being demonstrated as we follow the call to reach our community for Christ and His kingdom!



Pastor Tim.

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