Boiling Point

Life is full of ups an downs. It’s the same for everyone. There are those, however, that stand out from the crowd. They have the audacity to press through the obstacles and do the unusual and sometimes the unacceptable to make things happen. Those that do such things are not necessarily the more gifted, talented, or blessed with more resources. No, that’s not what distinguishes the victorious. The victorious have tapped into something that is available for everyone. They have reached the … boiling point!

Water is a powerful resource. It’s all around us, but understanding how to manage it is up to the individual. For example, a pool of water can heat up to 211 degrees and it just looks like, well, a pool of stagnant water. However, if you keep the heat on the container it will reach 212 degrees. That’s only 1 degree of a difference if ….we…don’t…give up. Sometimes, it’s just 1/2 of a percent that keeps us from our breakthrough.  Breakthrough? Yes, breakthrough. Boiling water is significant because boiling water can be used for movement. Enough movement to move a locomotive! Boiling water produces a vaporous steam that trains use to transport the resources and products across the land.

This Sunday, we will talk about how you can heat up your expectation to reach the boiling point in your life to see large obstacles removed and what was once stuck…will move again!  Join us at 10am and come expecting momentum to begin again!

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