It has been said that we all have addictive personalities. In fact, when sin entered the world it set our natural affections toward God pointed toward unnatural addictions. A lot of us do a great job at hiding our addictions. We justify our addictions by telling others that we don’t have a problem, we have control over our craving for the substance. However, in the dark parts of our life we are ashamed at the choices we’ve made and the destruction it has caused for our family and for our own life.

This Sunday, we’re talking, wrestling, and with the help of the Holy Spirit uncovering this giant in front of us. Do you know someone struggling with an addiction? Maybe a simple invitation to come with you this Sunday could set their life on a path to recovery? 

How do you respond to the loved ones in your life with addictions? Do you know what to do? Are you prepared to be the answer that God expects us to be? We are looking forward to hearing the stories and testimonies of the people God has delivered and the stories of everyday people that helped point them in the direction of freedom in Christ.

We anticipate this Sunday to be a pivotal moment of freedom in your life.  We hope you will tell others!

Sunday, 10am

3000 College Avenue

Terre Haute, IN. 47803

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