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The Life Center is a Foursquare Church. The Foursquare Church, officially named the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, is a Pentecostal denomination that resulted from the dynamic evangelistic ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson, who opened the historic Angelus Temple in 1923. “Foursquare” is a Biblical term used of the tabernacle in the Book of Exodus, of the Temple of the Lord in Ezekiel 40:47, and of Heaven, as described in the book of the Revelation. The term “Foursquare Gospel” was given in the inspiration of revival to the denomination’s founder, Aimee Semple McPherson, during an evangelistic campaign in Oakland, Calif., in 1922. It represents that which is equally balanced on all sides, established and enduring. Such confidence in the power of the Gospel is also expressed by the verse, Hebrews 13:8, displayed in Foursquare churches proclaiming, “Jesus Christ the Same, Yesterday and Today and Forever.” Find out more info at


  1. Dear Pastor Tim: Finally I get the way to help people in Christ’s and the churches way. I heard the date from you at Sunday church and my heart sank. I am having the first of two surgeries on my rt. foot to repair my torn achillies tendon in three places, Nov, 21st. to remove a spur and put in two screws. I will be totally non-wt. bearing for four weeks before going into a boot. Then he will put two screws in the front of the rt. foot, and I will see about the lt. foot after that. I will see how I am feeling after a couple of days post-op. Maybe I will feel like sitting down and still being able to help. This is important to me. I know the Lord has a special plan for me since starting your church,I know it does not involve me going back to work as a nurse or realtor and making money. This is giving something of myself to help others. I am one of those people who also has had a rough childhood and still finding out things about my Father I wish I didn’t know. But the Lord is helping me deal with it. Thank you for tagging me on facebook. You and your wife , John and Corinna and the church, bring God closer to people than you know. God bless you and thank you. Sincerely, Bettie Anne Long P.S. I hope you concluded I am talking about setting up the food baskets.

  2. Hi: Pastor Tim, John, Brenda & all: Thank you soo much for the soups, tuna and cereol and other foods you gave me for post- op nutrition. Have been sick with an upper respiratory infection since Sunday afternoon. On Z pack, but coughed more last night than before, waiting for the Dr. to call me back.I don’t want to put this surgery off Friday. They moved my time up to 10:00 A.M. at the St.Vincent’s surgery center from 11:30 a.m. Please keep me in your prayers. Starting bronchitis and want the first of three foot surgeries to happen, this is the big one. God bless and thank you all. If any way possible I can help with the baskets I will call, after I get home from surgery. Sincerely, Bettie Anne Long

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